Why should I register?

    By signing up you will receive regular updates on how your contributions are helping shape the future of the department. You will be notified when a project related to your interest is listed and you can unsubscribe from email updates at any time. Not every project requires you to sign up. We sometimes ask for contributors to register so each person comments only once. This ensures results aren’t influenced by people leaving multiple comments to support their own position. Registration is quick and simple with a few important questions that help us understand a little more about you and your interests. 

    Why is the Department doing online engagement?

    Online engagement complements traditional face-to-face consultation activities, such as workshops. The online portal is a safe and convenient way for the community to contribute views on a range of issues and feeds directly into the department's decision making process. It is also an effective way for us to engage with people who might not otherwise attend face-to-face activities.

    Is my privacy protected?

    Yes. Your privacy is protected. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will only use your email to invite you to participate in new projects and update you on existing projects. You can unsubscribe from email updates at any time. Your personal information will not be released publicly or used for any other purpose. More information is available in our Privacy Policy. 

    How are the comments moderated?

    Moderators do not edit or alter any comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious. The contributor will be advised of comments that have been removed and the reasons explained. If your comment is moderated you will have the opportunity to alter your comment and re-post. Refer to the Moderation Policy for more information.

    I've given my feedback, now what?

    All comments, ideas and suggestions (collected online or face-to-face) are collated and used to inform the department's decision making process. Project updates will be made available via the Have Your Say website so you can see the results of the consultation work and the department's subsequent decision making.